Hello and welcome to, yet another, companion Frank Contrepois.

aws.frankcontrepois.com documents my exploration of the AWS pricing. The plan is to write investigating articles, starting from a simple question and going deep into the details. I will use graphs to find the unexpected.


To keep things under some semblance of order, I will investigate three aspects of AWS pricing and their combination:

  • Regions
  • Services
  • Instances

The first article will be on Regions, starting from the well-known and going down into surprises and unknown.

Evergreen data, static discoveries

While the blog articles will probably (it is not implemented yet as of 2023-03-05) be static, the pages relative to each region, service or instance will stay evergreen by an automated system of download, elaboration and publication of AWS pricing data.

Articles discuss a situation at a specific date and are static, while the Regions pages (and in the future services and instances) will be evergreen.